Pre-Conference Field Trip: Tectonics of the Crown of the Continent: Geological exploration of Glacier National Park, the Sawtooth Range, and surroundings. June 2-4. Field trip leader: Dr. David Lageson

Welcome Reception at the Museum of the Rockies: The icebreaker event will take place on the evening of June 4 in the Museum of the Rockies front entryway, the Siebel Dinosaur Complex, and the Hager Auditorium. Heavy appetizers will be served and a cash bar will be available for those who wish to purchase a beverage. Dr. Roger Bilham will deliver a keynote lecture about seismic hazards in the Himalayas.

Symposia: HKT will be organized around a suite of plenary oral and poster sessions spread over three days. Session themes are designed to focus on processes rather than geographic regions. The program is designed to allow for one focused discussion each day. In addition, there is ample opportunity to interact and discus ideas at dedicated poster sessions. Each poster presenter will have the opportunity to give a two-minute oral summary, accompanied by 1-2 presentation slides, of their research. A draft schedule is provided below. Sessions will be modified to fit the distribution of abstracts submitted to HKT, and will likely also include a general session.

Session Time slot Session Title
Tuesday, June 4
Ice-breaker event 4:30-7:00 Keynote speaker Dr. Roger Bilham, 40 minute presentation
Wednesday, June 5
Morning 1 8:30-10:10 Session 1: Dynamics of crustal deformation
Morning 2 10:30-12:30 Posters 1
Afternoon 1 2:00-3:15 Session 2: Proxies of Paleoelevation
3:15-4:00 Discussion on Sessions 1 and 2
Afternoon 2 4:15-6:00 Posters 2
Thursday, June 6
Morning 1 8:30-10:10 Session 3: Far field effects of India-Asia collision
Morning 2 10:30-12:30 Posters 3
Afternoon 1 2:00-3:15 Session 4: Sedimentary record of collisional processes
Afternoon 2 3:15-4:00 Discussion on Sessions 3 and 4
4:15-6:00 Posters 4
Evening 7:00-9:00 Gala Dinner: Keynote speaker Dr. Katherine Huntington, 40 minute presentation
Friday, June 7
Morning 1 8:30-10:10 Session 5: Neotectonics
Morning 2 10:30-12:30 Posters 5 and 6
Afternoon 1 2:00-3:00 Discussion: Future directions of HKT research
Afternoon 2 3:30-4:30 Session 6: Climate Change and tectonic feedbacks
4:30-5:00 Students award ceremony and selection of future HKTs

Gala Dinner: We will host a mid-conference gala dinner for all participants in a lodge at Bridger Bowl ski resort, located 20 minutes by vehicle from the conference venue. We will provide transportation to and from the venue and a variety of meal options through Bridger Bowl catering. The dinner will also be the venue for the second invited talk, to be delivered by Dr. Katharine Huntington. She will speak about her research in Himalayan Tectonics, especially the co-evolution of landscapes and tectonics in the Eastern Himalaya.

Post-Conference Field Trip: Tectonics of Yellowstone and the Basin-and-Range/Laramide Province Overlap Zone, Jackson region. June 8-9. Field trip leader: Dr. David Lageson.